Uncuffing season: People want to be single for summer

It’s officially summer in the northern hemisphere, which means it’s the opposite of cuffing season: uncuffing season. While it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, uncuffing season(opens in a new tab) is the time when people shed their winter coats and maybe their relationships, too, and embrace being cool single for the summer.

According to research from sex shop Lovehoney, 73 percent of people want to be single this summer, with 80 percent of 18-24 year olds set to “uncuff.” In a survey of over 1,000 sexually active adults, 66 percent say they prefer to be in a relationship during winter, and would also take part in cuffing season when the time comes.

While men and women said they’d rather be single for summer at similar rates (71 percent of men and 74 percent of women), more men would prefer to be in a relationship at this time (25 percent) than women (15 percent). In the winter, however, only half of men would rather be in a relationship, compared to 70 percent of women.

Overall, only 18 percent of respondents would prefer to be in a relationship in the summer, while 47 percent want to be single and dating.

“In my practice, I notice that many people are more physically active, spend more time outdoors and generally feel more confident in themselves over the summer/warmer months,” said Lovehoney’s sex and relationship expert Christine Rafe in a press release. “It’s likely that this influences willingness to date as well as have more casual sexual encounters.”

Rafe said we can use the seasons to encourage curiosity and sexual exploration. During the colder months, think sensual showers and baths, warm oil massages, and sex with lots of body-to-body contact. In the hotter months, consider post-beach sex, outdoor sex, and foreplay with ice cubes, to give you some ideas.

Whether you’re still cuffed this summer, you can check out all of Lovehoney’s uncuffing season(opens in a new tab) findings.

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