Best travel deal: 72% off Thrifty Traveler

TL;DR: A one-year Thrifty Traveler Premium Plus Membership(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £56.88, saving you 72% on list price.

Holidaying on a budget isn’t easy in the best of times, and rising flight costs are a great way to drain the bank before you even find a hotel. It may be hard to find cheap flights near you, but it’s not impossible. Thrifty Traveler is a flight finder that could give you the tools to find affordable tickets to your next beautiful home away from home. Normally, a one-year membership would cost £161.72, but you can get it for just £56.88, and it comes with a little something extra, too. 

When you purchase your subscription(Opens in a new tab), you’ll also get five entries into a giveaway featuring flights for two going anywhere you want to go.

Skip the struggle of searching for flights on your own. You can’t have your eyes on the screen 24/7, but Thrifty Traveler can. This smart flight finder searches for domestic and international deals on business and first-class flights posted on Google Flights. If it finds one, then you’ll instantly get a text and email notification so you can buy it straight from the airline. The only thing you have to do is select your departing city.

If you’re a frequent traveller, you may also want to take advantage of Thrifty Traveler’s points deals. Most of the flights it finds are from major airlines like American, Delta, and United. If you’ve already got points there or want to build them up, then take advantage of those extra deals Thrifty Traveler can find. 

Don’t let high airline prices keep you stuck on the ground. Fly on a budget and get a one-year Premium Plus membership to Thrifty Traveler(Opens in a new tab) for only £56.88.  And don’t forget, when you make your purchase, you’ll also get five entries into a giveaway to win flights for two anywhere you want to go.

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