Ray of Haus of Flash

Hey Bombers, welcome to 2023, and as the saying goes: New Year, new Bomber of the Week features…or something like that. 

This week’s highlight is Ray, otherwise known as Luxuray. The stylist, curator and founder of fashion label Haus of Flash.

Ray’s style is a lesson in expressive extravagance. He often goes for the bold and glitzy choice, never too shy to rock a highly saturated monochromatic ensemble or a lush train. 

Like the events he curates, Ray gives you something to look at from every angle. Patterns are vibrant, fabric is voluminous, and the general look is unforgettable.

If you’re interested in being featured as a Bomber of the Week, DM Fashion Bomb Men your name, city, a brief bio on your style and 5-10 photos of your best looks. 

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